Buying or Selling JitoSOL
JitoSOL can be purchased with any mainstream SPL tokens


Jupiter ( is the recommended venue for any purchases or sales of JitoSOL. The exchange aggregates liquidity across the entire Solana network and suggests the best route based on sizing and token pairs. Trades can also be split automatically across multiple routes if that provides better execution. Jupiter does not currently charge fees. See here for additional Jupiter instruction.

After navigating to the site, connect your wallet and enter the payment token (USDC, SOL, etc.) along with JitoSOL in the "You Receive" section. Click "Swap" and the trade will be immediately executed.

Example trade of $100 USDC to JitoSOL
Example trade of $100 USDC to JitoSOL

Check the trade price and ensure there is not a slippage warning for poor execution. If you receive this notice, consider reducing your trade size or minting JitoSOL directly on our website with no slippage.

Alternate Venues

JitoSOL is available directly from Orca. Note Jupiter integrates these pools so no need to visit Orca or any other venue directly.