Earning trading fees and JitoSOL's base yield with Raydium pools

JitoSOL is listed on Raydium. There is one pool now (JitoSOL-SOL) but if you want to see others please let us know in Discord.

To provide liquidity in these pools, navigate to Raydium, connect your wallet and select your preferred pool.

The pools are organized to provide concentrated liquidity. This is more efficient for stable pairs like JitoSOL-SOL. Here is Raydium's guide to providing concentrated liquidity. Please do your own research and understand the risks of liquidity provision prior to any deposit.

After depositing, you will begin earning fees on JitoSOL trades in addition to the token's staking and MEV yield.

Kamino offers an actively managed vault ontop of whirlpools. That may be a good option for more passive yield farming. Read more at this link.

Last updated: 10 months ago