Stake SOL for JitoSOL
Starting earning yield on your SOL in under 5 minutes

Go to and follow the instructions below!

Setup Wallet

The first step is having a wallet with SOL tokens. JitoSOL is currently integrated with the wallets shown below. If you don't have an existing wallet, we recommend setting up with Phantom (setup instructions) or Solflare (instructions).Current wallet integrations

Ledger Integration

JitoSOL is fully compatible with Ledger wallets used through browser extensions. Follow the instructions and approve the transactions when prompted on your device after clicking "Accept" in your browser wallet.

Acquire SOL for Staking

Your wallet also needs some balance of SOL to stake. If you want to purchase SOL and already have assets in your wallet, use Jupiter to swap for SOL.For those without existing assets on Solana, SOL can be purchased through exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance or most popular venues. After purchasing SOL and setting up a Solana wallet (see above), transfer the SOL into your wallet.

Connect Wallet to Jito

Step 1: Click the "Select Wallet" button in the top right of the app page.

Step 2: Select your preferred wallet from the list.

Note: Detailed Instructions for Phantom/Solflare

Below are generic instructions that should apply to most wallets. If you are having issues, please ask in our Discord.We have wallet-specific guides for Phantom and Solflare. Please review these for step-by-step instructions.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet

With Phantom: Authorize your wallet to connect with our site by clicking the "Connect Button"

Afterwards, you can confirm your wallet is connected by checking the address in the top right corner of the page (as shown below)

Wallet connection confirmation in the top right corner with the address blacked out.

Step 4: Choose Amount to Stake as JitoSOL

Enter the amount you wish to deposit into JitoSOL in the screen on the right. Ensure the amount is less than your total balance. You should also keep some SOL in your wallet (at least 0.1) for subsequent transaction fees.

Confirm the amount in Phantom reflects the amount you want to deposit. Then click "Approve".

There should be a pop-up at the button of the screen confirming the operation. This will pop-up at the bottom of your interface.

Step 5: Confirm receipt of JitoSOL

Check your wallet and you should see Jito Staked SOL in the amount you chose to stake.

Step 6: Enjoy your JitoSOL

You can use JitoSOL with our DeFi partners (see guide) or safely accrue yield from stake and MEV rewards.