December 19, 2023 • 1 minute reading time

Announcing the Release of StakeNet's Validator History Repository and Visualization UI

Jito Foundation
Solana HFT

The Jito Foundation is pleased to announce two major developments in the StakeNet ecosystem: the open-sourcing of the Validator History StakeNet repo and the launch of a new UI for visualizing validator history data.

The Validator History program is designed to store up to three years (512 epochs) of comprehensive data for every validator on the network. This includes activated stake amounts, vote credits, commission, software version, and IP addresses.

By offering a transparent and verified record of past actions, the program enables users and on-chain programs to make informed decisions about validator behavior. The data’s integrity is ensured by sourcing information directly from on-chain accounts and gossip data. On-chain vote accounts provide proof of authenticity for each data piece, acting as a digital seal that guarantees the data's accuracy and security. Gossip data, derived from the continuous communication between nodes on the Solana blockchain, offers a real-time and reliable information stream, making StakeNet a highly secure and dependable protocol.

The open-sourcing of the Validator History StakeNet repo is a significant step towards collaborative development and innovation. It allows the broader community to contribute to and benefit from the Jito Foundation’s initial work, fostering an ecosystem of shared knowledge and progress. While starting with this initial dataset, the aim is to continually expand the scope of recorded data. Future enhancements by Jito community contributors could include data such as the validator geographical location, further enriching the insights available through StakeNet. 

The launch of the new frontend visualization tool makes the data accessible and usable. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for stakeholders to explore and analyze validator history.

We're excited to see how these tools will be used and evolve, and remain dedicated to continuously improving StakeNet for the benefit of the entire Solana community.