October 4, 2023 • 2 minute reading time

Transition from Direct Staking to JitoSOL and Supercharge Your Points!

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Note: The Jito Points program has ended and points will no longer be updated

To build a strong DeFi ecosystem, it's crucial to have widespread adoption of liquid staking tokens. In line with our ongoing efforts to support Solana's DeFi, we are excited to launch a new campaign that generously rewards users for moving from direct and native staking products to JitoSOL.

The Direct Stake Conversion Points Bonus Campaign

We're not just offering bonus points; we're offering you a chance to maximize your rewards while making a meaningful impact. Here's how it works:

Eligibility rules: Your stake account must have been created prior to Oct 2, 2023.

Bonus Points Multiplier: A decaying curve that rewards early participants.

First 24 hours: Enjoy a one-time 15x bonus on your minted JitoSOL!
Day 2: The excitement continues with a 10x multiplier
Day 3: Still going strong with a 7x bonus
Day 4: A lucrative 6x bonus awaits
Day 5: A 5x bonus if you don’t join until day 5
Day 6: A 4x bonus, because we love seeing your Jito Points take off
Day 7 and beyond (October 10, 2023 onwards): Even if you’re a little late you’ll still receive a 3x bonus on your deposit 🙂

How to Participate

This campaign is a limited-time offer with a decaying bonus curve that rewards early birds. Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your earnings while making a significant impact on Solana DeFi in 3 easy steps on Jito's staking website:

Step 1: Connect your Solana wallet

Step 2: Start the conversion process

Step 3: Complete conversion and approve the transaction in your wallet

You can now sit back and watch your points grow!

Why Convert from Direct Staking to JitoSOL?

In case you are still wondering why you should consider converting your directly staked SOL to JitoSOL. Here's why:

1. Liquidity & Flexibility: Direct staking locks up your SOL tokens, limiting their use. By converting to JitoSOL, you get receipt SOL tokens that are not only staked but also liquid. Use them in DeFi protocols or hold them in your wallet while still earning rewards from your staked SOL, and Jito Points!

2. Maximizing Earnings: With the Jito Points Bonus Campaign, you'll supercharge your Jito Points balance. The higher your points, the greater your stake in the Jito community becomes, and the more rewards you'll earn.

3. Supporting DeFi Growth: By converting to JitoSOL, you're actively contributing to the growth of the DeFi world. Your staked assets become more dynamic and are put to work across various DeFi platforms.

So go ahead and transition to JitoSOL staking, earn bonus Jito Points, and let’s together build an unstoppable Solana DeFi ecosystem.