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Boost your yield by earning MEV rewards with Jito

JitoSOL is Phantom’s preferred Solana liquid staking solution.
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Why Stake with Jito?

Earn yield on your Solana
The Jito stake pool exclusively delegates to MEV-powered validators allowing you to capture a portion of the MEV on the network.
Maintain liquidity: stake and unstake in seconds
Stake your SOL and receive a liquid staking token (LST) equivalent to your deposit amount. Redeem it any time for your initial deposit plus accrued rewards.
Participate in DeFi for more yield opportunities
Liquid staking allows you to earn additional yield on top of your base staking yield by deploying your LST into various DeFi strategies on Solana.
help make solana more decentralized
Staking with Jito helps secure and strengthen the Solana network
Liquid staking sercures Solana by spreading stake accross multuple validators, reducing risk from low uptime validators.
Help Solana

Watch how stake & unstake works in five simple steps