February 12, 2024 • 2 minute reading time

Announcing Jito Foundation Delegates

Jito Foundation
Solana HFT

The Jito Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of 17 delegates to receive a cumulative 12 million in JTO token voting power from Jito Foundation wallets. The token delegations will be issued later today. 

The selections come after a public Call for Delegates on January 24th. The Foundation was thrilled and honored with the response, which included applications from several top crypto companies, service providers, node operators, and development teams. The Jito Foundation was also pleased to platform many of these applicants in a pair of public Twitter Spaces events where we were joined by over a thousand members of the Jito community. 

Additionally, the decision comes following a public Temperature Check to gauge support for the Foundation delegation program, where well over 60% of the token voting power deposited into the DAO participated and the response was 100% in approval. 

The Foundation evaluated delegates based on perceived alignment with the Jito network’s future, independence from the Jito team, history of governance participation, and subject matter expertise. Additionally, we sought to secure a range of views by including other protocol representatives and developers, node operators, and community members in an effort to ensure the interests of all members of the Jito community would be represented. 

The full list of delegate applications can be found here. The Jito Foundation’s chosen delegates are listed below: 

  • Felix Lutsch - Community
  • MultichainMike - EmpireDAO
  • Andrew Allen- Coinbase Cloud
  • 0xjaypeg - Community
  • Ben Hawkins - Solana Foundation
  • Michael Hubbard - Laine
  • Ian Unsworth - Community
  • 7Layer - Overclock
  • Flipside Ecosystem Growth & Innovation team
  • Juanbug - PGov
  • Mark Hull - Kamino
  • Blockworks Research
  • Gauntlet 
  • 0xNallok - Lode Ventures
  • Douro Labs 
  • Chainflow
  • Joebuild - Community

The Jito Foundation appreciates the thoughtfulness and time each of the delegation candidates took with their questionnaire responses, and would encourage all delegates to leave their applications live for potential future community delegation. Additionally, in the coming months the Jito Foundation will revisit its delegation parameters and policies, and may choose to expand or contract the delegation set based on the health and activity of Jito governance. We will release more information about future delegation practices as governance continues to evolve. 

In the coming weeks we look forward to further fostering the growing Jito DAO community, and to seeing the delegation program begin to guide key decisions for the protocol.