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MEV PoweredStaking Rewards.

Earn MEV rewards through liquid staking
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JITO has a great approach to maximize the benefits of MEV to the network while minimizing its negative externalities...
Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana Labs
Why Staking With Us

Helps You

Unlock liquidity on your staked SOL to use across DeFi
Always keep custody of your funds
Stake to the first MEV-powered stake pool
Staking With Us

Helps the Network

Jito's software enables Solana to run more efficiently and earn MEV rewards
The Jito Stake Pool helps decentralize Solana by

spreading stake across the network

Staking to Jito's Stake Pool encourages validators to redistribute MEV profits
How it works
Stake SOL with us and earn additional MEV rewards!
Deposit SOL into the pool and receive JitoSOL
The Jito Stake Pool delegates your SOL to MEV-enabled validators
Those validators auction off blockspace and receive MEV rewards
These MEV rewards are redistributed to the stake pool as extra APY
Your JitoSOL accrues MEV rewards in addition to staking rewards
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