Introduction to Jito
Solana's first staking product including MEV rewards

Jito is the liquid staking service for Solana that distributes MEV (maximum extractable value) rewards to holders. The Jito Stake Pool enables users to stake their Solana tokens in exchange for a liquid stake pool token (JitoSOL). The JitoSOL token provides liquidity while earning a combination of staking rewards and MEV rewards.Jito's liquid staking token is unique in two ways:

  • JitoSOL provides additional rewards to users from MEV transactions happening on Solana

  • Jito exclusively stakes with validators that run software designed to improve network performance. The improvements from the introduction of an auction mechanism so network congestion is less likely.

JitoSOL automatically accrues value from staking and MEV rewards. The token allows users to earn yield while also maintaining capital efficiency via DeFi integrations. JitoSOL holders can earn yield from validators while also accruing interest in lending protocols or yield farming.Jito's goal is to provide the best yield for JitoSOL while improving Solana's network