Realms Interface Guide

The Jito DAO operates primarily through two venues: the Forum for discussion and ideation of proposals, and the Realms portal for voting and execution of proposals. 

In order to access the Realms portal, visit Because the Jito DAO leverages an individual Realms program, it cannot be found by searching for the DAO on the Realms homepage. 


To participate in governance, begin by connecting your wallet. 

Once your wallet is connected, click “view” under “my governance power.” 

Here, you can deposit JTO governance tokens to the DAO. This will grant you token voting power, enabling you to vote on proposals.

Alternatively, you can delegate your token voting power. This allows you to retain custody of your tokens, but enables a delegate you select to use your tokens to influence governance. To do this, simply copy-paste your chosen delegate address from the forum, and approve the transaction. 

The Forum has a list of delegation candidates with a questionnaire giving you insight into their views. 

You can also view a tutorial here: